Due to a large number of packages stolen, all packages MUST be sent to a house address. If you choose to list an apartment for your shipping address, we are NOT responsible for your lost package. You voluntarily and willingly understand that your package might be taken, and therefore you are responsible for your stolen package, not Wine Wallet LLC. If you think your package might be stolen, do not contact Wine Wallet LLC. Please contact your building manager or your local post office. We can do nothing to help. Again, we are NOT responsible for your stolen package. 

Backorder info: Any order containing a Wine Wallet placed on or after 12/5/2022 will not ship out until we receive the Wine Wallets. By placing your order, you are fully aware that your order will not arrive until after Christmas and will not start shipping until a TBD date. Any orders that do not contain a Wine Wallet such as a WOW sweatshirt or a Wine Tumbler, will ship out immediately. However, bundles like Tumbler Bundles or Sweatshirt Bundles will NOT ship until Wine Wallets are received. Please do not email asking where your order is as this slows down the fulfillment process. You will receive an email when your order is shipped which includes the tracking information. We thank your patience as we restock the Wine Wallets for you! 

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