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Explore Wisconsin's wineries while sipping on fine wine, taking in the beautiful views, and spending time with friends and family all with the help of the Wine Wallet.  

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About The Wine Wallet

Passionate Explorer

Wanting to discover more of the Wineries Wisconsin has to offer, the owner of The Wine Wallet LLC created a way for Wisconsinites and other tourists to find new Wineries to love. 

Use the Wine Wallet as a guide to help you find the natural hidden treasures Wisconsin has to offer at Wineries across the state. Each Winery included in the Wine Wallet offers a one-time discount or offer that can be redeemed on your visit there. Plus with every purchase of the Wine Wallet, $1 gets donated to the Wisconsin Humane Society. So grab your Wine Wallet, friends, pooches, family, and take an adventure around Wisconsin while sipping on fine wine and enjoying the breathtaking views. 

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