Helpful Information

Once I arrived at the winery what do I do?

Upon arriving at the Winery, present the Wine Wallet to your server and they will stamp or sign it for you so you can redeem your offer or discount.

I don't see my region or city in the current Wine Wallets. Will you be making different regions?

We sure are!!! For the 2021 season, we will only have two Wine Wallets offered: The Driftless region and the Madison Region. Come 2022 we will have more wallets for more regions across Wisconsin.

My family and friends plan on meeting at a winery together. Can we all use the Wine Wallet?

The Wine Wallets offers are only valid for one person. As long as each person has their own Wine Wallet, then you can each redeem the offers for your own wallet.

If I receive my Wine Wallet before January 1st can I redeem the discounts or offers?

Starting October 26th, 2020, You can redeem your coupons at the wineries through December 31st, 2021. Your Wine Wallet will be ready to use when you receive your order in the mail.

I want to bring my furry best friend along. Are dogs allowed at all wineries included in the Wine Wallet?

The Wine Wallet helps indicate what wineries are pet friendly at the time of printing with a bone symbol on the bottom left-hand side of the page. If you see the bone symbol, that means your pooch is allowed at the time of printing. Wineries have the right to change their policy. Please be sure to check before leaving on your adventure.

Is there a list of Wineries I can view before purchasing the Wine Wallet?

To keep the adventure and fun aspect alive, we do not share a list of the Wineries included in the Wine Wallet. Head over to our social media accounts by search @thewinewallet to see view the wineries features in the Wednesday Winery Spotlight. These wineries are included in at least one of the regions. 

Got another question?

Email thewinewallet@gmail.com and we will answer your question as fast as we can.


Madison, WI