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The Wine Wallet

Explore Wisconsin's, Minnesota's, Iowa's, and Ilinois's Wineries

Take a trip around Wisconsin or its neighboring borders while you visit local wineries that offer fine wine and breathtaking views. The Wine Wallet is set up by regions, making it easier to explore all the wineries Wisconsin has to offer. Each winery offers a different one-time coupon or discount you can use on your visit. Once you use the coupon, the winery will stamp or sign your wallet. Join the thousands of Wine Wallet customers and see why the Wine Wallet was nominated for Best of Madison: Interactive Experiences for 2023!

About: About

Hey there! I'm Emily! I am the person behind everything of the Wine Wallet. From creating it, scoring you awesome deals, marketing/ social media, creating the website, selling it to you directly at events, and fulfilling each and every one of your orders. 

After being laid off during covid, I needed a way to supplement the missing income. While spending 5 days a week home alone with our dog Daisy, I had a lot of time to think. After seeing my Husband go out with his guy friends to breweries, I wondered if there was something similar for wineries. ⁠

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About Me

After a whirlwind of events, lots of learning moments ( still learning every day), the Wine Wallet LLC was created. If you see me out and about or at an event, please come up and say "hi"!


As I enter my fourth year running this small business, I couldn't be more grateful for your support! Without all of you, the Wine Wallet would not be possible! 

As always, Make a memory and share a glass! 

4 legged friends and giving back to the community 

Diasy and Donations

Everyone meet Daisy! The offical dog of the Wine Wallet! She is part Border Collie, part Lab, so I guess that makes her Boradorable😉Actually, her technical breed is called a Borador but we like to say she's Boradorable.  Since we love our pup, we want her to be able to enjoy a trip to the winery with us too. A bone symbol on a winery page indicates if the winery is dog-friendly at the time of printing. Be sure to check with the Wineries as they can update their policy at any time.


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I knew when starting this business that I wanted to give back to the community some how. What better way to help support other animals in need across our wonderful state than by donating to the Wisconsin Humane Society? For every Wisconsin Wine Wallet sold, we donate $1 to the Wisconsin Humane Society to help as many animals as possible across the state.  For every Beyond the Border sold, we will donate $1 to MN, IL, or IA Humane Societies. That's 4% we give back on every purchase of Wine Wallets! Over the past 3 years, we have been able to donate thousands of dollars to multiple Humane Societies to give back. Want to donate too? Click the Wisconsin Humane Society picture to start your donation today! So go on and order your Wine Wallet, knowing you are helping out animals in shelters while sipping on glasses of wine. 

Donated since 2020:


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